About us

Klarimba- Tomoko Katayama(Piano) & Volker Mauruschat(Marimbist,Percussionist)Klarimba Volker Mauruschat (marimba) and Tomoko Katayama (piano) create streams of sound of a warmth and rhythmical combinations of a kind that one would not have expected within the range of percussion music. An impressionist gallery, touched with delicacy and surprise, emerges, enchanting and astonishing. Klarimba was founded in 2002 when Tomoko Katayama and Volker Mauruschat met each other at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Their first concerts together quickly engendered an enthusiastic response. Invitations by the Goethe Institute to perform, among others, at the “Germany in Japan”-Festival in Nagoya quickly followed, together with appearances in Germany, France, Spain, Japan, the USA and the Netherlands.

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